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Spreadsheet Integrity Management and Control

Apparity framework provides one solution for the lifecycle of your spreadsheet content on an enterprise wide level

The Apparity Governance and Control platform for End User Computing provides state of the art spreadsheet integrity and auditing capabilities that operate either stand alone or as part of the broader set of version control, access control, change management workflow and reporting functions. The Apparity Integrity solution dramatically enhances spreadsheet oversight and controls and allows users to continuously monitor changes at the workbook, worksheet and cell level - effectively mitigating the operational and financial risks presented by complex spreadsheets.

Indentify Critical Errors and Weaknesses

The Apparity Integrity and Audit functionality performs in-depth analysis and content reviews against complex spreadsheets, allowing for organizations to clearly recognize impact patterns, categorize key weaknesses, data linkage (internal and external) within high risk spreadsheet models and spreadsheet related processes.

Runs in Real Time

Apparity Integrity and Audit functionality can operate from a central server or run locally on the end user machine providing companies with the ability to deploy across many thousands of users and user desktops with minimal disruption to their core IT priorities.

Apparity Security Access Control

Simple to use, Easy to Interpret

Simple to use, when the scan is complete Apparity will deliver a detailed breakdown of the spreadsheet functional integrity providing an easy to interpret set of metrics that are specific to the customer’s policy requirements.

Apparity Security Access Control

Each worksheet is analyzed and the user presented with a listing of error types that are categorized by the degree of risk they present to the organization. The users can then easily filter through and sort through the results to focus on the critical problems or issues found within the spreadsheet.

Apparity Security Access Control


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